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Terms & Conditions

Below are the standard provisions set forth by SC Cigars Mobile Lounge, LLC. Please remember that our terms and conditions are created for the safety of our clients, guests, employees, others, and equipment. By making your reservation with SC Cigars Mobile Lounge LLC, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions:


  • All guests must be 21 years or older.


  • Please note that SC Cigars Mobile Lounge does not sell tobacco products.


  • Cigar smoking is not a safe alternative to cigarettes. Cigar smoking can cause lung cancer and heart disease. Cigar smoking can cause cancers of the mouth and throat, even if you do not inhale. Cigar smoking increases the risk of infertility, stillbirth, and low birth weight. Cigars contain and produce chemicals known to cause cancer, birth defects and other reproductive harm.


Drugs & Alcohol Policy


  • Only cigars may be smoked within the mobile lounge vehicle; e-cigs, CBD, hemp, or marijuana products, nor any illegal substances may be consumed within the lounge or patio area; Brand Cigarettes are allowed in the outdoor patio area only.


  • SC Cigars Mobile Lounge, LLC is not a licensed seller of any alcoholic beverages. The Client may bring his or her own alcoholic beverage(s) on board or within the canopy/tent area during the term of the contracted event. SC Cigars Mobile Lounge, LLC is not responsible for underage consumption of alcoholic beverages at any time before, during, or after the contracted event.


  • Event Coordinator, driver and/or employee has the right to inspect ID’s and drink containers of passengers who appear underage.


  • The event coordinator, driver and/or employee reserves the right to eject any individuals whom they deem to be destructive, intoxicated, to pose a safety threat to themselves or others, or deemed to be under the influence of an illegal substance.


  • Guests may bring on board alcoholic beverages such as liquor, beer, wine or other fermented beverages as allowed by law as long as guest is 21 years of age or older. Guest takes full responsibility alcoholic beverages and will not allow anyone underage to consume it.


  • If any illegal activity takes place inside the vehicle, SC Cigars Mobile Lounge, LLC driver may terminate the service with no refunds and has the obligation to call the police.


Rules of Conduct


  • For any actions such as fighting, violence, damage to equipment and/or bus, intimidation, slander, harassment to driver, staff, or anyone else in or around the SC Cigars Mobile Lounge, the driver reserves the right to terminate the contracted event. The Client will forfeit total charge as a result.


  • All laws and rules regarding alcohol and behavior apply to all passengers before, during and after SC Cigars Mobile Lounge services. Inappropriate behavior will result in the offending guest(s) being asked to disembark immediately. No refund will be issued to guest(s) asked to disembark. Guests will be responsible for their own transportation from point of disembarking. Inappropriate behavior includes but is not limited to: Extreme intoxication, giving alcohol to non-guest, inappropriate language or gestures, public urination /vomiting, loitering more than 5 minutes after tour, Excessive noise/screaming, violence or threats of violence, or any other behavior deemed to be inappropriate.


  • Any transgressions of the above restrictions may result in the driver ending the service immediately. No refund will be issued for tours ended early due to guest behavior.

Service Rates & Reservations


  • Our standard prices are posted on our Packages & Prices page but may change at any time.


  • Rental fees are usually hourly and begin at first pick-up and end with last drop-off. If a client is late or keeps the vehicle beyond the arranged time, or pick up is outside the city area, the client may incur extra charges. 


  • Special rates may apply on special event days. Tolls or parking charges are additional. If traveling includes over 35 miles, there will be a fuel surcharge. If traveling over 150 miles there will a fuel surcharge plus lodging accommodations.


Reservation Deposit & Payment Terms


  • Deposits are required to confirm all our events and bus hires and are non-refundable. All enquiries you make with us are noted in our system as a quotation. Quotations do not reserve a bus or event for you, it is only once we have received your deposit that we are able to confirm your booking and allocate the vehicle or space at an event. So please confirm your booking as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.


  • Deposit amounts vary depending on special events, holiday, or longer trips. Please contact us for more details.


  • Overtime is not typically a problem; however, a credit card must be provided at the time of booking, and you will be charged $ 150 per hour for the time exceeding contracted event time. So that you can keep the party going!


  • 8hr or 3-day Weekend Rate:  Please call for details​​. If traveling includes over 35 miles, there will be a fuel surcharge. If traveling over 150 miles there will be a fuel surcharge plus lodging accommodations. (Contact Us for Details)


  • At the time of booking, client authorizes SC Cigars Mobile Lounge, LLC, to charge a non-refundable deposit in the amount of 50% of the quoted price for reservation of the event with A valid credit card or debit card. The remaining balance will need to be paid 14 days prior to the Event.


  • Reservations are for private events. These pricing packages are not valid for larger group or public events. If you are interested in discussing options for a large event, please contact us directly so we can assure that we are able to provide you and your guests with an exceptional Cigar experience.


  • The client authorizes SC Cigars Mobile Lounge, LLC to charge the remaining invoice balance beginning 14 days prior to the event.


Cancellation Policy:


  • Because people often book parties well in advance, the customer recognizes that times reserved are in short supply.
Therefore, a request for cancellation within 14 days of the event will be required in
order to not be charged remaining balance.


  • Immediately after a reservation is submitted online or verbally by phone, the reservation is deemed contractual. Customer who cancels their reservation prior to a 72-hour window leading up to their pick up will be charged 50% of the entire total rental. Customers who cancel their reservation within a 72-hour window leading up to the pick up time of their rental will be charged 100% of their total rental, including a 20% tip.


  • If the service is not cancelled 14 days prior to the date of service, the customer will be held liable for the entire balance. I understand and agree that by giving a credit card or debit card to make a reservation with SC Cigars Mobile Lounge, LLC that I will be subject to a cancellation fee if I cancel the service 24 hours after making the initial reservation. I agree that SC Cigars Mobile Lounge, LLC can apply the cancellation fee to the card I have on file. Should the card on file be declined for any reason I agree that SC Cigars Mobile Lounge, LLC will invoice me for all charges incurred.

Weather Policy:


  • SC Cigars Mobile Lounge, LLC will make every reasonable attempt to deliver an event. Forecast of bad weather is not an exception to the cancellation policy. However, if an event is affected by unsafe weather (tornado warnings, high winds, heavy snow, unsafe roads, or flooding), SC Cigars Mobile Lounge, LLC reserves the right to reschedule your event. A refund Can be issued if the client decline rescheduling.


Parking Policy:


  • For special events and Parties, prior to arrival please allocate 50 feet (between 4/5 parking spaces) for the Mobile Cigar Lounge to park that is free of hazards and foot traffic. To avoid damage to the customer and SC Cigars Mobile Lounge, LLC property, we reserve the right to refuse to pull the Mobile Cigar Lounge Bus onto customer property. We require a circumference of approximately 50 feet of level ground to park the trailer, plus some room to pull in and out of the site. The ability to pull straight into curbside parking is preferred as parallel parking a 22-foot-long trailer can be challenging. Delays caused by clearing space for the truck and unit will not prevent us from leaving at the scheduled time. If a parking permit is required, it will be the responsibility of customer to arrange for one. SC Cigars Mobile Lounge is not responsible for any disfigurement of lawn/landscaping and surrounding areas due to placement of the Mobile lounge.


  • All parties must start on time (weather permitting). We have a set schedule, so we are unable under no circumstances to wait for guests that arrive late. They may join in; at any point the party has progressed to once they arrive. If the party runs into overtime, due to no fault of SC Cigars Mobile Lounge, LLC, the client will be responsible for overtime fees (due upon receipt).


Damage Fee Policy:


  • Client and guests are expected to use extreme care with lighters, torches, and matches. As a courtesy, we ask all guests to ash their cigar properly inside of the lounge vehicle and on the patio area. A well-maintained inch-long cigar ash will optimize the cigar smoking experience and prevent ashes from tumbling onto the furniture, carpets, and floor.


  • SC Cigars Mobile Lounge, LLC reserves the right to charge the client's credit card for damages to the trailer or equipment resulting from the careless or willful damage done by client and client’s guests.


  • If a guest should vomit on the bus or within the patio area, there will be a clean-up charge of $200.00, damaged or ripped interior will be a charged of $300 minimum per instance payable to the driver or charged to the client’s credit card.


  • A walk through will be done with the renter before boarding the Bus to check if any prior damages exist.


  • By signing this contract, the client agrees to assume full responsibility for any damages to the interior or exterior of the bus, furniture or equipment that is caused by a guest or individual attending his or her event.


Waiver of Lawsuit/Liability:


  • SC Cigars Mobile Lounge or its employees assume no responsibility for any injuries sustained on the client’s property or their designated location. All liability for damages or injuries are the sole responsibility of the client and/or host.


  • Clients are asked to move about the bus and patio area at your own risk. Please use caution when entering and exiting the vehicle, use handrails.


  • SC Cigars Mobile Lounge, LLC, is not responsible for any lost or stolen personal items during or after the event. A good faith attempt will be made to retrieve any items left behind.


  • SC Cigars Mobile Lounge, LLC, is not Liable in cases of unexpected vehicle breakdowns, accidents, severe weather or anything that may delay the timely arrival or cause cancellation of the event. In the event of a cancellation due to mechanical problems, the event may be rescheduled for another date. Client will be notified as soon as possible to let them know of unexpected problems that may delay or postpone event times.


  • I understand that riding in a SC Cigars Mobile Lounge vehicle is a potentially dangerous activity. I understand that the vehicle may need to stop suddenly and without warning. Riding without a seat belt, standing, and walking in a moving vehicle is inherently dangerous. I understand that the floor and steps in the vehicle may be slippery, particularly if it is raining or snowing. I assume the risk that I may be injured while using the SC Cigars Mobile Lounge services. I assume all risks associated with my use of SC Cigars Mobile Lounge services. I will not bring any action against SC Cigars Mobile Lounge LLC, its employees, agents, successors and/or assigns, for personal injury, property loss, or property damage, including any action for negligence, breach of warranty, products liability, or strict liability, and hereby forever waive, on my own behalf and on behalf of my successors and/or assigns, the right to bring such action. This release does not apply to injuries caused by intentional or reckless misconduct of SC Cigars Mobile Lounge LLC personnel.



I have read, understand, and agree to all of the above terms and conditions. if any of the above terms or conditions are not respected by me (the hirer) or anyone in my party, the rental agreement will be terminated without refund. Please CONTACT US if you have any questions about these terms and conditions.

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